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Our unique designs

These are examples of the many of our Meso Design rooms installed by Vista Patio Rooms, Canopies & Carports Ltd and illustrate some of the possible configurations available to you now.

Meso Rooms

Modern day Extensions (with a twist).

Installed in a few days with no planning permission. (In most cases!)

Meso Rooms

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Enhance your home without the usual hassles.

Meso Rooms

Our flagship product could enhance your home.

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Meso Rooms

Modern day extensions with a twist.

All built to suit your home perfectly.

Our Work Flow

First Things First

Fistly, we meet with our potential customers and see if what we offer and the way we work is a good fit for both of us.

Then our designer will look at all the technical aspects of the potential job and determine the best way forward in terms of working practices, timescales and finance for the project.

Finalise The Design/ Start Manufacture

Once there is a collective agreement about the best way forward and a design has been agreed, one of our engineering team will sign off on the design so the manufacturing of your product can begin. All of our products are unique to each customer.

Delivery and Installation

When the day arrives to begin your installation, the install team will arrive and get started.

Typical installations take from 1-3 days and minimum disruption is caused by our team.

As no foundations are required due to our patented cantilever design, your project will not require any foundations so your job is not subject to the usual ‘building site’ hazards as you would normally expect of a build of this standard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked.

Bear in mind that your particular job will have to be engineered to fit you house as every job we carry out is custom built.

No two jobs are ever the same but we do have some common questions – you can see the answers to these questions by clicking on the question on the right hand side.

Just click on the question and the answer will be revealed.

Can you really install in a few days?

Yes we can.

We have a patented technology in the cantilever mechanisms that we use that means the strength of your structure comes from the roof down.

This means no foundations are required and that is what usually takes up most of the time for structures of this nature. Not to mention the hassle and mess they make.

What is your turn around time from us agreeing to go ahead?

You must understand that we manufacture every job to order. This means the longest time in the whole process is in the manufacturing of the product.

There are a few factors that can effect this. Namely, specification of the design, how busy the factory is, availability of specialist material (if included in the job).

How much does the weather affect the installation?

We are glad to say the weather plays a lot less in the install of your garden room than you would think.

Normally the foundations of such a build are subject to freezing weather and heavy rain etc

We don’t require foundations so this is never going to affect us. The weather, as you can imagine, does play a part in any outdoor work but it has to be quite severe to stop us getting your installation complete on the agreed date.

Tell me about the security features.

In each installation we pride ourselves on the security precautions we build into each project. Such as:

  • Toughened Pilkington Safety Glass ‘A’ Rated
  • Anti Drill Barrel Locks by Chubb
  • Internal Beaded Glass
  • Shoot bolts on all Opening Windows
  • 7 Point Locking System with Deadlocks on Doors
  • All Handles Keylocking

We sometimes install further security measures and this is agreed upon at the initial site/design meeting.

Do You Offer Finance Options?

Yes, we do offer finance options.

As you would expect, they differ from person to person but we work with a few top quality Finance Houses and we can deliver a bespoke Finance Package to suit almost every budget and circumstance.

Get in touch to find out exactly what we can do for you.

What Next?

Call Meso Design now on 0800 634 4811  or complete the contact form on our contact page.

We will be happy to answer any questions you might have, send you some more information and if required we will be happy to send out a designer to meet with you at your convenience.

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